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I’ve been practicing graphic design since 2008 and since then have started a digital design studio, a mini grassroots sports design operation, and worked for a couple of studios. The things that get me buzzing are top sport branding and design, great typefaces, digital marketing and content production and fresh approaches to UI design.

I’m currently employed at the Melbourne Racing Club as Digital Producer (my views are solely my own), as a Creative Direction Consultant for Centre Square Development and for the Dandenong Baseball Association as the Website Content Manager. On top of that I dabble in some freelance work, having closed down my business Flag Digital in April 2015.

Apart from work I play baseball and sit on the committee for the Chelsea Baseball Club. You can also hear me as a previous co-host on episodes 1-63 on the Web Agency Podcast.

If you’d like to get in touch at all please don’t hesitate.

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The Great Solution to the Big Club Merch Problem: Using Redbubble for Local Sports Club Merch

June 2, 2015

I’ve heard plenty of horror stories about merchandise ordering in local clubs: people that pre-order but never pay, tales of over-ordering and having too much stock that never moves, the hours of time it takes to nag people to pre-order and for payments, and settling for poor quality merchandise so you can actually make a buck. And don’t even start on the minimum quantity issue!

Looking at the problem as one to be solved, I got to researching and arrived at Redbubble allows you to upload a design which can then be printed on-demand (no minimum quantities) onto a whole heap of different products, from mugs to doona covers, to tees, hoodies and even iPhone covers.

As far as pricing goes, Redbubble products will cost more – that’s just the nature of on-demand printing. The upside of the system is that you’re able to set your own margin percentage, however with the fluctuating US dollar the final purchase amount is impossible to predict. The hope is that as a volunteer you’ll save time on getting quotes from a few suppliers and can put the purchasing decision in the hands of the people in your club.

The flexibility it offers is fantastic: think about all those times you’ve ordered Premiers t-shirts only to have boxes sitting in the cupboard a year later.

My baseball club is going to start with 2 designs and I’ll follow up with another article discussing the engagement and take-up within the club.

In case anyone was wondering, Redbubble has no connection with me writing this post.

Take a look at my club’s profile here.

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