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AFL Logo Ranking

November 4, 2013

This is the moment a lot of people have been waiting for!

The AFL logo review wrap up – The teams ranked from 1-18 by their logo

1. Carlton

The Carlton monogram is far and above the best logo in the AFL. There’s no debating it. It’s iconic, it’s historic, it’s simple, and it’s memorable.

Read the full review here.

2. Hawthorn

A great mix of tradition and modern sport logo design, with a nod to the club’s greatest era.

Read the full review here.

3. Richmond

Another good mix of mascot and shield, the Richmond logo is proud of its origin.

Read the full review here.

4. St Kilda

One of the older logos that exudes tradition and history, even if the practicalities aren’t that strong.

Read the full review here.

5. Essendon

While some call the Bombers logo dated, I still think it’s a really strong sports logo that is easily placed on merch, uniforms or wherever. It still feels like a young and energetic logo, which is why I’ve ranked it so highly.

Read the full review here.

6. Fremantle

The new shield style of the Dockers logo looks fresh, with the D/Anchor monogram being a future great in the sports logo landscape.

Read the full review here.

7. Western Bulldogs

The brandmark is simple and effective, only let down by the text underneath, which does its best to avoid having personality.

Read the full review here.

8. Port Adelaide

A subtle message of forward thinking coupled with some strong imagery makes this logo stand out from the pack. It’s one of the more unique logos in the league and should be commended for it.

Read the full review here.

9. North Melbourne

Removing themselves from a period of location uncertainty, the Kangaroos have produced a workable logo with a whole lot more personality than the previous version which is let down on some of the minor details.

Read the full review here.

10. Sydney

I can’t get behind the font choice of the logo and the weird swan rendering at the bottom right hand side. It does get points for connecting well with the history and culture of the club.

Read the full review here.

11. Brisbane

One of the more dramatic redesigns in the league saw them ditch the traditional silhouette inherited from the Fitzroy merger in favour of an Aslan-style lion face. Points given for the research, points removed for the typeface and the separate styles of each half of the lion-face.

Read the full review here.

12. West Coast

The text doesn’t work, and the focus of the logo is on the wings of the eagle which means the most important part (the face) loses its impact.

Read the full review here.

13. Collingwood

The Magpies logo is clearly not that important to the team compared to the uniform. With an outdated magpie rendering poorly at small sizes and the awkward forced flipping of sides of the Australian flag, this is a logo which feels historic but could still be improved.

Read the full review here.

14. Geelong

Geelong get points for aligning their logo with the Footy Full On vision, however the text choices for the main logo are poor, along with the top of the cat head. While I normally advocate for secondary marks, the fake tradition and awkward cat rendering in the crest style logo puts this rebrand surely in the bottom half of the AFL. They’re better than the previous logo, but still have a long way to go before earning my respect.

Read the full review here.

15. GWS

If you wanted to design a logo for a sports equipment shop, this is probably the one you’d go for. The problem is that it’s for a team. It’s bland. I hope one day they incorporate a mad monk a la the Padres to give them a bit of a personality kick!

Read the full review here.

16. Melbourne

Too many elements, trying too hard to convey a sense of history. Needs a reduction, stat!

Read the full review here.

17. Adelaide

Apart from the weird speed/feather marks on the letters, the Baltimore Ravens association, the odd connection of mascot to the text, and the strange choice of typeface, there’s probably a lot of things kids will like about the Adelaide Crows logo. That says it all really.

Read the full review here.

18. Gold Coast Suns

It’s hard to know where to start and end with the Suns logo. It’s all style, no substance, and I hope we see the back of it soon.

Read the full review here.