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Logo Review: Adelaide Crows

April 28, 2013
Adelaide Crows Football Club Logo

This is the start of a quick logo review series we’ll be doing over the next few months, covering AFL teams first, followed by NRL. We’ll be covering them in alphabetical order, so today’s review is for the Adelaide Crows logo, a combination mark which was introduced at the start of 2010.

The feedback from BigFooty fans is fairly harsh, and most hate the ‘American’ feel to it. They also believe it looks too similar to the Baltimore Ravens logo.

A google search couldn’t turn up which studio created the logo unfortunately.

The icon:

The stylised drawing of a crow is quite nice, and it’s well drawn. I’ve seen some feedback about the eyes saying that it looks like a female crow wearing mascara, but it looks more fierce and angry.

While the feedback from some saying that the crow looks like the Baltimore Ravens is slightly justified, it would be hard to create a dark bird, profile (side-on) icon that doesn’t feel like it. I don’t think it’s too similar, but maybe a front-on design, or one that focused on the full crow body would have helped to separate it, at least in some fan’s minds.

Baltimore Ravens Logo
Baltimore Ravens Logo

The joining of icon to the wordmark is awkward, and might have been better if approached in a similar way to the Western Bulldogs, having a clear separation between the two elements.

The wordmark:

The Futura-style text which was carried over from the last logo isn’t inspiring at all. The yellow shadow on ‘Adelaide’ and light yellow shadow on ‘Crows’ is poor, and the cut into the blue shadow between the D and E in Adelaide isn’t well executed.

The stylised Futura-style text has too many claw-things going on. Rather than putting them on both As, they should have kept either to the first A and the C of Crows, or just to the first A. I’d like to know if they ever use the A alone on a cap. The O in ‘Crows’ appears to be slanted more than the other letters.

A custom logotype may have been a better option here, especially with the child-friendly focus.


One of the reasons behind the new logo direction was that it had to
appeal to a younger generations of Crow fans. I can see that the logo
would appeal to younger fans, and if the logo lasts 20 years, I think
kids would grow up liking this logo.

The alternative logos created by BigFooty forum members are all awful (at least the ones I’ve seen are), and while most will prefer the traditional route, the decision by the Adelaide Crows to favour a family-friendly approach could end up paying a healthy dividend. It’s not always easy to keep a football club in the black, so sometimes a business decision will trump other concerns.

In the end, the logo does have a lot of vibrancy and energy, with bright colours and a modern feel which appeals to the younger fan-base, but is let down by the awkward intersection of icon and wordmark.

Next week: Brisbane Lions