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Logo Review: North Melbourne Kangaroos

September 22, 2013
North Melbourne Kangaroos Football Club Logo Evolution

For a team that many thought would see a breakout year, 2013 was a disappointment on all fronts for the Kangaroos. After a number of late-game fadeouts, the high-scoring team could only manage 10th spot while scoring the 3rd highest amount of points in the league.

The main thing that Kangaroos fans would be pleased with is their stability on and off the field. While the club isn’t faring so well financially, they have seen membership numbers grow by 17% (though paradoxically their average attendance has fallen by 9%). There’s been less talk of mergers and major moves and more talk about becoming financially viable.

The newest logo was introduced in mid 2006, and signalled a message by including the North Melbourne name that the Roos were here to stay, and that this was the beginning of a new era for the club. Since 1977 and across 4 logos, the Roos have always used the silhouetted profile of a kangaroo. In this telling move the newest logo changes the perspective significantly and helps the club move away from the soulless logo and meandering direction of the past to one that adds a sense of excitement for what’s to come. That said, the new logo isn’t perfect.

While the Roos deserve a commendation for such a bold move, there are a couple of issues that hold it back from the realm of the ‘Great Sports Logo’, and most of them can be found in the area underneath the Kangaroo’s chest and where it all meets the KANGAROOS text. It’s an area where poor rendering of the Roo’s arms holding a football gets slightly confused with its legs and then also gets blended with the text. To add insult to injury, there’s a pointless, hard edged shadow on the shield. I get it, they’re trying to make the kangaroo bound out of the shield, but it’s done so minimally as to be superfluous.

The other gripe I have is in the text. It’s incredibly boring. They’ve grabbed the soulless, corporate feeling part of the previous logo and included it here, which is a completely lost opportunity to make the logo feel more traditional or to make it appeal to the older base. This IS a club from 1869, for goodness sake!

All I can hope after seeing this is that they’ve developed some more secondary marks to celebrate either their history (apart from using the elements in fashion mercy) or common nickname ‘North’. It’s unlikely there are any other marks given the inflexible approach most/all clubs take towards their branding, which is a shame. The logo signifies a new era, but I hope they haven’t shot themselves in the foot by disrespecting the past; it would be a loss to Australian sport if the Kangaroos weren’t around.