September 22, 2013
North Melbourne Kangaroos Football Club Logo Evolution

Logo Review: North Melbourne Kangaroos

For a team that many thought would see a breakout year, 2013 was a disappointment on all fronts for the Kangaroos. After a number of late-game fadeouts, the high-scoring team could only manage 10th spot while scoring the 3rd highest amount of points in the league. The main thing that Kangaroos fans would be pleased Read More

August 10, 2013
Melbourne Demons Football Club Logo Evolution

Logo Review: Melbourne Demons

In 1858 a group of men got together to play football. That club became the Melbourne Demons, who are now the oldest club in Australian Rules history. That oldest club is now going through another incredibly tough period in their history. After what appeared to be some signs of life after a long period of Read More

July 15, 2013
Hawthorn Hawks Football Club Logo Evolution

Logo Review: Hawthorn Hawks

Hawthorn may now be the most successful AFL club of all time. Does that mean their logo is up to scratch or are they resting on their laurels?

July 7, 2013
Gold Coast Suns and GWS Giants Logos

Logo Review: Gold Coast Suns and GWS Giants

The 2 newest teams, the 2 newest brands. How do they stack up against the rest?

June 23, 2013
Geelong Cats Football Club Players

Logo Review: Geelong Cats

The Geelong Cats are one of the greatest teams of the past decade. From 2007-2011 they won premierships in every consecutive odd year. In the modern football era where teams aim to win 1 or 2 premierships then rebuild for another go at it within 4 or 5 years, the sustained success of the club Read More